You are eligible to fill out the student satisfaction survey if:

- You are graduating from a Master's or MBA program and your program is on the list of eligible Eduniversal programs: Click here to see the list of the programs and fields of study

- You are graduating from one of the Universities/Business Schools recognized inside the Eduniversal system, or at any entity, school, institute or department attached to one of these institutions (Law schools, Engineering schools, Communication Institutes, etc.) Click here to see the list

If your master program has not yet participated in the survey, please see the section "how to participate".

The student satisfaction survey will be available on our online platform. The invitation will be sent by e-mail to students and recent graduates. A mark is given to the relevant program when at least 10% of the students have answered the survey.

Click here to learn more about the methodology

We greatly value student opinion which allows the ranking to take into account information exclusive to those who have attended a particular program.

By answering our survey, students have the opportunity to share opinions on their academic experience. This information is important to prospective students.

Student opinion is essential to receive credible information about the program caliber. Receiving your adequate feedback will not only result in a more accurate program ranking, but also better recognition of your master and institution of study.

The student participation has a direct impact on the ranking of the programs and their international reputation.

Eduniversal highly expects to hear the voice of the students and attaches great importance to their opinions.

To give your opinion on your Master or MBA Program:

Your program must be registered by the Director of your program, on the survey platform. www.eduniversal-survey-mastersranking.com

The aforementioned representative must inform his/her students of the survey and provide us with a student contact list containing your email address. It allows us to confirm that you have been enrolled in the program and you are entitled to participate in the survey.

You will receive an invitation by email for the student's satisfaction survey

Your master or MBA program has not yet been submitted for evaluation in the Eduniversal Masters and MBA Ranking Survey, but you want to take part in the survey?

Ask your program Director to register on the platform (www.eduniversal-survey-mastersranking.com) and to submit your Master course or MBA program.

Fill in all the necessary information regarding your master or MBA program in the fields below so that the Eduniversal Masters Ranking Office can contact the director of your program directly.

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