Participation in the Eduniversal Best Masters ranking and survey is exclusively reserved for the institutions recognized in the Eduniversal System :

    • Institutions which are part of the ranking of the Best 1,000 Business Schools and their affiliated entities
    • Institutions which have been selected by the Eduniversal International Scientific Committee and granted the distinction « Eduniversal Selected Schools »

      To know more : https://www.eduniversal-ranking.com/

    Types of programs that qualify to be ranked are listed below:
    • Masters
    • Masters of Science
    • Masters of Arts
    • MBA and specialized MBA
    • Executive MBA & MBA part time

    The Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking is the only ranking to evaluate Masters programs in 154 countries. During the participation process, the language of the instructions is not imposed, and can be a native language of the participating institution.

    Participation in this questionnaire is free of charge. To participate in a ranking, program representatives must register and fill out a separate questionnaire for each of the programs to be submitted for evaluation.

    Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking was designed to recognize the areas of expertise within institutions around the world.

    By filling out the Eduniversal questionnaire for each of your masters programs, you ensure that Eduniversal will have all the relevant data to perform an accurate assessment of your program.

    We give students the opportunity to give feedback on their experience. Their participation, is an important part of the ranking and will help to enrich the quality of our evaluation.

    Recruiters from around the world have the opportunity to share their opinions about the quality of graduates of your Masters and MBAs.

    For institutions who choose not to participate in the survey, the Eduniversal Evaluation System will examine academic programs from the available sources of information.

    Opportunities include:

  • Promotion of your programs
  • The Eduniversal Masters and MBA Ranking gives institutions more visibility on a global scale.

  • Outreach to the most talented students
  • Our ranking is used by millions of students from 238 countries.

  • Showcase your institutions unique strengths
  • The ranking allows the institutions to highlight what is unique about their particular program.

  • Identify new partners for international cooperation
  • Through information provided in the ranking, institutions can identify the expertise for potential collaboration with new partners.

You just have to register as an institution (free process) in order to be able to answer the survey and submit your program(s) to our analysis.
If you encounter any difficulty, please contact us at mastersurvey@eduniversal-group.com